Tal-Kancillier Olive Oil Press

Triq ta’ l-Infetti, Mdina

Tel: +356 7988 8101   Mob: +356  9942 4375

Golden Extracts Ltd
Golden Extracts Ltd is one of Malta’s leading producers of premium extra virgin olive oil. The oil is produced from hand harvested olives from its grove beneath the Mdina bastions, which currently contains about 600 olive trees. The majority of the trees were planted in 2002 and have now reached fruit bearing age. The trees currently produce enough olives for about 2000 litres of quality extra virgin olive oil, a small amount of which is sold on site under the Melite brand, and the rest in bulk to two major distributors who market under their own proprietary brand. Some of the trees were planted by family and friends who live overseas - Domenico Conti from Cagli (Italy), Sam Fitzpatrick from High Barnet (England), Ozcan Camiloglu from Bursa (Turkey), Charlie Bonavia from Sydney (Australia), and the late Toti Guttadauro from Catania (Sicily).

The company operates state of the art oil extraction equipment which is housed in the Tal-Kancillier Farmhouse neighbouring the olive grove, with a production capacity of around 750 kgs of olives per hour.

A pressing service is available to third party growers, processing individual lots of 150 kg and over and smaller lots on ‘Community Days’. Growers are invited to be present throughout the process and although the extraction process is carried out in an enclosed area to ensure maximum hygiene, it is completely visible through a large window running the length of the extraction area. 

An association agreement has been signed with the Ta Qali Producer’s Group and the two organizations have agreed to work together to provide an all inclusive ‘olive oil service’ to the TQPG members.

Golden Extracts Ltd operates under the “Tal-Kancillier” brand name, and is owned and managed by an experienced team: Anthony Bonavia, a self-employed businessman and a registered farmer with extensive experience in tree and crop management, Anthony Busuttil, a retired banker with a long established passion for olive oil, and Frank Borg (Jr), also a businessman with a strong agricultural and technical background. 

Tal-Kancillier will expand into the agro-tourism market offering homemade agricultural products to the general public and foreign visitors.
Tal-Kancillier Farmhouse right beneath the Mdina Bastions
Roman remains of an olive oil factory found in San Pawl Milqi (limits of Wardija -Malta)
Tree planted by Sam Fitzpatrick in 2002
Old olive tree in Lija (Malta)
Gramola (Maxalator)
Oil from decanter
Olives ready for washing process